Irrigation system in San Antonio, Huarango, Haen, Peru

Technical details: 14 kilometers of irrigation canal Services: Work execution on the construction of 14 kilometers of irrigation canal, 7.5 km of open, trapezoid or box cross-section canal with concrete lining, 4.5 km of pipeline and 2 km section covering the aqueducts, siphon, etc., including a service road and appurtenant infrastructure (lateral water intakes, crossings with the…

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Chavimochic Derivative Dam, Peru

Technical details: Reconstruction of the dam, diversion tunnel and absorption basin Services: Works execution; Reconstruction of the concrete derivative dam with a diversion tunnel, with the existing absorption basin, and the construction of two new overflows, construction of a new concrete structure intended for the placement of the metal gate sy Country: Peru Client: Government of…

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of a road section Puerto Bermudes – Ciudad Constitucion, Peru

Technical details: Lenght: 58 km,rehabilitation of the existing and construction of 3 new bridges Services: Upgrading, expansion and asphalt paving of a 58km long road section and rehabilitation of the existing and construction of three new bridges; Country: Peru Client: Provias Nacional del Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones Project status: On going

Irrigation infrastructure improvement on the canal Ramal Nuevo – El Arenal, Peru

Technical details: Lenght of the canal : 6,9 km; Services: Construction; onstruction of concrete cannal, 6.9 km long, with appurtenant infrastructure which includes 38 lateral in take structures, 2 bridges, 10 surface storages, bifurcation and water flow measurement structure. Enables irrigation; Country: Peru Client: Municipalidad Distrital de Colan, Piura Project status: 2013

Bank Protection of River Zarumilla, Peru

Technical details:  Length of dike: 14.941,9 m Services: Construction; Construction of the levee embankment along the Zarumilla River. Slopes were executed using geocells with concrete filling, while aprons (espigons) were placed in the critical zones, made of gabion meshes with stone filling; Country: Peru Client: Proyecto Especial Binacional Puyango – Tumbes, Panamericana Norte, Peru Project status: 2010