Vinča waste dump with the energy from waste processing plant

Technical details: The new landfill has been designed according to the scheduling of waste disposal: Old landfill: 11.840.000m3; New landfill: 6.202.000m3 (interim landfill: 722.000m3; unprocessed: 4.010.000m3; landfill for residues after treatment: 1.470.000m3) Services: Design and execution of part of the construction works; Country: Serbia Client: Beo čista energija Ltd Project status: On going

Railway section “Straževica tunel (enter) – Jajinci – Mala Krsna”, on (Belgrade) Rakovica – Railway Hub K1 – Jajinci – Mala Krsna – Velika Plana railway and railway station “Mala Krsna”

Technical details: Reconstruction of 58 km of railway (km 9+896 to km 67+800) and reconstruction of the railway station “Mala Krsna” Services:Execution of construction and electric works; Country: Serbia Client: Infrastrukture železnice Srbije, Beograd a.d. Project status: On going

Reconstruction of the Belgrade streets (kraljice Marije, 27. Marta, Džordža Vašingtona, Cara Dušana)

Technical details: Complete reconstruction of the streets Kraljice Marije –  27. Marta – Džordža Vašingtona – Cara Dušana with corresponding infrastructure and demolition of existing tram line and construction of new one Services:Construction; Procuremant; Country: Serbia Client: City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Investment Project status: On going

Reconstruction of Karađorđeve street and Savski kej (promenade) near Karađorđeva street

Technical details:Execution of works on the reconstruction of Karađorđeve street (600 m2) and Savski keja -promenade (10.000 m2) near Karađorđeva street including compleete reconstruction (demolition of existing instalations and construction of new one) of existing tram line Services: Works execution; Country: Serbia Client: City of Belgrade, Secretariat of Utilities and Housing Services Project status: On going

Highway E-763, Section V: Lajkovac-Ljig and Brančići tunnel

Technical details: Construction works on the road (from km 53+139.91 to km 77+118.23), lenght: 24 km; construction of 4 traffic lanes and 3 stopping lanes, 9 bridges, 6 overbridges, intersection “Ljig”, tunnel “Brančići” comprised of 2 tunnel tubes, each 940 m long, and river flow regulation Services:Construction works Country: Serbia Client: Serbian Ministry of Construction / China…

Rehabilitation and reconstruction of a road section Puerto Bermudes – Ciudad Constitucion, Peru

Technical details: Lenght: 58 km,rehabilitation of the existing and construction of 3 new bridges Services: Upgrading, expansion and asphalt paving of a 58km long road section and rehabilitation of the existing and construction of three new bridges; Country: Peru Client: Provias Nacional del Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones Project status: On going

Railway reconstruction on Corridor 10; three sections: Sopot Kosmajski – Kovačevac, Mala Krsna – Velika Plana, Golubinci – Ruma, Serbia

Technical details: Total lenght of all sections: 65,7 km Services: Works execution; Reconstruction of the roadbed, construction of new culverts, station platforms and approach tracks, relocation and protection of cables and structures; Country: Serbia Client: Serbian Railways JSC/RŽD International Project status: 2016

Tunnel Straževica on the Belgrade bypass, construction of the section Dobanovci – Bubanj Potok, Serbia

Technical details: Length of the tunnel: 745 m i 115 m Services: Construction; Construction of right & left tunnel tube,clear opening 110 m2, two pedestrian tunnels, clear opening about 25m2, regulation of the Rakovicki stream within the zone of the tunnel, reconstruction of the 13th October street in the intersection Country: Serbia Client: Public Enterprise “Roads of…

Upgrading and Strengthening of the Kampala-Gayaza-Zirobwe Road, Uganda

Technical details: Lenght: 44,3 km Services: Construction; Works execution; Reconstruction of 14 km long section of the existing road and construction of 30 km long new road, drainage works: 5.5 km concrete and 30 km stone canals, construction of 114 culverts, double surface dressing, vertical and horizontal hiking trails; Country: Uganda Country: Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)…

Construction of Mirijevo Boulevard with Appurtenant Infrastructure, Serbia

Technical details: Length of the street: 950 m Services: Construction; Commissioning; Construction of the city street, with appurtenant infrastructure: reinforced-concrete revetment and sewerage (cross-sections: 300×210 cm and 400x18cm),gas & water supply pipeline, sanitary sewerage, storm water drainage & 110kV transmission lines Country: Serbia Client: Belgrade Land Development Public Agency Project status: 2011

Rehabilitation and Resealing of Luwero-Kafu Road, Uganda

Technical details:  Lenght: 100 km Services: Construction; Works execution; Rehabilitation of roads. Main items of works include double butuminous dressing, mechanical stabilization, construction of drainage cannals. Upgrading and reinforcing the existing road and water drainage of the pavement; Country: Uganda Client: Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Project status: 2010

Bank Protection of River Zarumilla, Peru

Technical details:  Length of dike: 14.941,9 m Services: Construction; Construction of the levee embankment along the Zarumilla River. Slopes were executed using geocells with concrete filling, while aprons (espigons) were placed in the critical zones, made of gabion meshes with stone filling; Country: Peru Client: Proyecto Especial Binacional Puyango – Tumbes, Panamericana Norte, Peru Project status: 2010

Reconstruction of Jurija Gagarina street, in the area located under the railroad tracks at Novi Beograd including the construction of a 188 m long railroad bridge as well as embankment of the railroad, Serbia

Technical details: Length of the bridge: 188 m Services: Construction; Construction of a new railway overbridge (continuous girder made of prestressed concrete, length L = 188 m and of box cross-section) with the construction of the railway road bed and uperstructure; Country: Serbia Client: Belgrade Land Development Public Agency Project status: 2010