Founded in 1951 in Belgrade as a state owned company to provide design and consultancy services within hydro and thermal power generation and water management, through its 69 years of business operations, Energoprojekt has evolved into a complex business entity, integrating today Energoprojekt Holding (parent company) and 10 subsidiaries (out of which 8 internationally active) with its headquarters in Serbia and 20 foreign companies, representative and branch offices abroad, offering a wide range of consulting, engineering and contracting.

During its long and successful history, Energoprojekt extended its business activities to the fields of: power generation, transmission and distribution, urban planning, buildings construction, infrastructure, water management and environmental protection, industry and information technologies.

Today ENERGOPROJEKT is the largest Serbian contractor capable of executing complex projects. Energoprojekt is the only company in the region listed in the renowned American magazine “Engineering News Record“ lists: “The Top 225 International Design Firms” and “The Top 250 International Contractors”.

Energoprojekt Companies in Serbia



Fields of activities

Energoprojekt Holding

Corporate legal, finance, development, marketing and internal auditing services

Subsidiaries: 4 design companies (Hidroinzenjering, Urbanizam i arhitektura, Entel and Industrija) 3 construction companies (Visokogradnja, Niskogradnja and Oprema), Energodata, Sunnyville and Park 11

Field investigation works, design, consulting, engineering, development and project management

Energy: hydropower generation systems, facilities and plants.
Water management and environmental protection: water management and irrigation systems, water production and processing plants, water supply systems and sewage systems

Design, consulting, engineering, project development and project management

Buildings design: public, administrative and commercial buildings, conference centers, hospitals and health centers, tourist and sport centers and facilities, residential buildings

Design, consulting, strategic planning, engineering, project development and project management

Power: Thermal power generation, power generation from renewable energy sources, power transmission and distribution, telecommunication facilities and systems
Water: Water production and processing, water transmission and distribution

Design, consulting and engineering, project development and project management

Industry: industrial plants and facilities (chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, wood, food etc.), indus-trial power plants, industrial and thermal technologies, gas transport and handling

Engineering, construction, procurement, delivery, erection of equipment and installations, commissioning

Building engineering and construction: buildings (administrative, commercial and residential buildings, business and conference centers, hospitals and health centers, tourist and sports centers, industrial, thermal-energy and special purpose facilities)

Civil engineering construction works, engineering, procurement and erection of equipment, commissioning

Energy: hydropower structures and plants
Infrastructure and water management: dams, aqueducts, water tunnels, irrigation systems, water supply and sewage systems, highways and roads, railroads, bridges, tunnels, underground works, railroad and subway stations, communal infrastructure, industrial and hydro-mechanical equipment and plants

Engineering, construction, equipment and plant procurement and installation, commissioning, project management

Power:  thermal power facilities and plants, transmission and distribution of electricity, hydropower plants
Water – environmental protection: potable and waste water processing, water and sewage systems,
Industry: industrial facilities and plants
MEP installations and control systems for various types of facilities

Development, design, engineering, implementation, commissioning and maintenance

Information technologies: multidisciplinary information systems, software and hardware solutions Graphic engineering, video production