ENERGOPROJEKT has started the realization of a new residential complex “KOSA KVART” on Bežanijska kosa, another in a series of buildings of modern architecture and high quality of execution.

“KOSA KVART”, a complex intended exclusively for housing, is located in a secluded, quiet part of Bežanijska kosa, on the hillside, on a plateau overlooking the New Belgrade blocks, which is a special value when it comes to family housing. The center of the settlement and public facilities necessary for the quality of life of the modern family such as kindergartens, primary schools, Clinical Center Bežanijska kosa, green market, shops, post office, banks, pharmacies, church, etc. are situated in the immediate vicinity of the complex. The location is well connected with the central part of New Belgrade, the blocks along the Sava and the Sava River, the highway, Zemun, as well as the Nikola Tesla Airport.

Designed in accordance with the principles of humane housing in low-rise buildings, “KOSA KVART” provides future tenants with complete comfort, adapted to the needs of modern housing, while providing a sense of belonging, coziness and warmth of the family atmosphere.

On two cadastral plots, two units have been designed: block 24A and block 24B. In each unit, six buildings in a row were designed, which consist of two Cyrillic letters “P”, facing one another. With their position, these two units clearly define the interior space – a yard with harmoniously arranged green areas, which will be equipped with modern elements of site furnishings – benches, children’s playground, lighting.

The planned residential buildings are designed as low rise houses: ground floor, first floor and setback floor. Each individual entrance with an average of 9 to 15 apartments is directly connected to the underground garage by its own staircase and elevator. A number of housing units on the ground floor have their own gardens, which sets this complex apart from most in the city.

The complex consists of 168 apartments and 222 parking spaces in two underground garages. In accordance with the “green” trends of reducing air pollution, for a certain number of parking spaces, a connection for powering electric vehicles is also planned.

INTERESTED BUYERS can get all the necessary information in the Real Estate Sales office in the Energoprojekt headquarters building or on tel. numbers: 011 / 310-18-93 and 310-18-94, as well as via E-mail:

All relevant information about the Project will be available soon on the “KOSA KVART” website.