In the fourth quarter of 2021, JSC Urbanizam i arhitektura signed with the Administration for the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia four new contracts on preparation of technical documentation.

Contract has been signed for the preparation of the entire design documentation which includes preparation of Geomechanical Report, Concept Design for obtainment of location conditions, Schematic Design which is to receive positive opinion from the Audit Committee of the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport, Design Development Phase and Construction Documentation, as well as preparation of documentation for the procedure of selection of a contractor, for the purpose of demolition of the existing building and design of the new pavilion within the existing prison in Sremska Mitrovica.

In addition to this, a contract on preparation of design documentation for the new building – hospital in Correctional Facility in Nis was signed on November 29th, 2021 and includes preparation of Concept Design for the purpose of obtainment of location conditions, as well as Demolition Design with technical control for the old building prone to collapsing.

Apart from these projects, in December 2021 with the same Client two othe contracts were signed: a contract for preparation of the the entire design documentation for the purpose of construction of a new prison in Krusevac (Land Reallotment Design, Urban Design, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development Phase with Technical Inspection Report and Construction Documentation), as well as a contract on preparation of the entire design documentation for legalisation of the existing building – County Jail in Leskovac.

Signing of new contracts reaffirms and continues in the best possible way a continuous, successful cooperation with the Ministry of Justice initiated way back in 2012, on the preparation of technical documentation for construction of public buildings all over Serbia that hold great significance for the Republic of Serbia. Since some of these projects are marked as strictly confidential, we are unable to present them in more detail, but Architect Amila Strujic, Principal Designer who excelled in working on such specific and challenging projects, shared with us some of her rich and valuable experience.

“Apart from a complex functional solution, which requires fulfilling a large number of client’s requirements arising from the specific use of the project and combining different facilities within one organizational unit of the complex, these buildings also have to meet special requirements of the Department of Security pertinent to specific circulation routes, arrangement of control points and installation of specific equipment”, explained architect Amila Strujic.

Continuous contracting of new projects in this field is the best proof of satisfaction of the Client – Ministry of Justice, throughout the long-standing successful business cooperation and constitutes an exceptional professional challenge for Energoprojekt Urbanizam i arhitektura, which requires specific professional technical and technological knowledge and enables acquisition of new experiences and references for the projects of this and similar uses.