In November 2021, following several months of negotiations, JSC Energoprojekt Industrija signed 3 cooperation contracts with Atlantic Stark for three new projects:

Renowned company Atlantic Stark, a member of successful Atlantic Group, recognized Energoprojekt Industrija as a responsible and reliable company with multi-decennial experience in design of industrial buildings and trusted them with the preparation of design documentation for construction and reconstruction of production plants for confectionery products.

Cooperation with Atlantic Stark is one more excellent opportunity for EPI to demonstrate their professionalism and dedication to the quality preparation of design documentation and to justify their name and reputation in business circles.

As a part of the first contract, it is necessary to prepare As-built Drawings of Atlantic Group (Atlantic Stark) complex for:

  • production part with an area of 21,785.00 m2
  • warehouse with an area of 4,016.00 m2
  • Dessert line 2,500.00 m2,

EP Industrija is contractually bound to perform the following works:

  • Preparation of As-Built Drawings
  • Preparation of Construction Documentation and Detailed Fire Protection Design for dessert line

The second contract covers preparation of Construction Documentation for waffle line, Atlantic Group (Atlantic Stark), with a total area to be designed of 1,600 m2, whereas the third contract requires preparation of the entire design documentation and obtainment of all necessary permits and approvals for packaging line, Atlantic Group (Atlantic Stark), Ljubovija branch. Design should include the change of use of warehouse into a packaging area as well as upgrade of the new warehouse. Total area to be designed is 1000 m2, out of which 500 m2 of existing area and 500 m2 of the new area (warehouse).

Offer for preparation of design documentation for waffle line includes the following scope of works

  • Preparation of cadastral and topographic plan of the complex for the purpose of preparation of design documentation;
  • Preparation of Construction Documentation;
  • Preparation of Detailed Fire Protection Design;
  • Preparation of Fire Zone Report;

Design of the change of use of warehouse into packaging area and design of new warehouse in Ljubovija branch by company EP Industrija shall include the following works:

  • surveying of the existing condition;
  • preparation of Concept Design for the purpose of obtaining location conditions;
  • preparation of request for deciding on the need to prepare Environmental Impact Assessment Report;
  • preparation of Design Development Phase for obtainment of building permit with reports:
  • Fire Safety Report
  • Geomechanical Report;
  • Energy Efficiency Report;
  • Hazard Zone Report, if requested by the relevant authorities;
  • preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Study, if requested by the relevant authorities;
  • preparation of Construction Documentation for construction purposes and approval of Fire Police;
  • preparation of Detailed Fire Safety Design;
  • cooperation with relevant authorities for the purpose of obtainment of conditions and approvals of design documentation.

Appointed as the person in charge of these projects is Katarina Komarek, Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, a proven professional with years of experience in design and management of complex projects in the field of industry and public buildings. After the introductory meeting with the Client, the available documentation was taken over at the end of October and the commencement of project implementation immediately ensued. The team of EP Industrija visited the site in the beginning of November and surveyed the existing condition of the buildings in Ljubovija. Archive documentation was taken over from the Client, whereas the requirements of Design Brief are expected to arrive soon, as well as the input data for process design solution. Geodetic survey of Alantic Stark complex in Belgrade is in progress.