The pleasure of working on big and complex projects of significance for the society, the possibility of professional advancement both technically and organizationally, work environment supportive and encouraging of knowledge, commitment, perseverance and persistence in implementation of the set tasks, as well as creativity and desire for improvement, are only some of the reasons viewed by the designers of various disciplines as specific and for them, decisive for working in ENERGOPROJEKT. There are also the possibility of meeting different cultures, multidisciplinary approach to work, good work environment and openness of the older colleagues to exchange of knowledge.

We spoke with three engineers working for ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINZENJERING with significant experience in design and management of projects of hydropower plants, dams, water supply systems and other water management structures. In the next three weeks we will convey their experiences, thoughts and messages to colleagues.

MILOS IVETIC, Master Engineer of Civil Engineering

I graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water and Environmental Engineering. A year later, I acquired the title of Master of Civil Engineering at the same faculty. I started working at ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINZENJERING in January 2013. Through the work at the Department of Hydropower, Water Management and Land Reclamation Systems, I went through s training period and engineering practice and currently I am occupying the position of a Senior Engineer. The basis of my work is design of hydraulic structures such as large dams, hydropower plants, irrigation systems and many other water management structures and systems. Apart from design, I also deal with management of the work on preparation of technical documentation in the field of hydraulic engineering and water management.

How did your career begin?

In 2012, upon recommendation of my professor Dr Tina Dasic, I came to EP HIDROINZENJERING for professional practice which formed an integral part of master studies. In the period of 4 months of practice, I participated in development of some projects and formed my master paper connected with the projects we worked on at the time.

What project that you worked on would you single out as the most significant one?

I would like to single out the Study of Provision of Water Resources in Northern Algeria. In its concept, this project is unique in my career. It is a special type of water management study prepared for the territory of northern Algeria covering almost 300,000 km2 with more than 36,000,000 inhabitants. The study defines optimum management of the work of the entire regional hydraulic engineering system for the use of surface water which includes more than 100 large dams and a significant number of other structures. Within this project, I was involved in almost all fields of water management, which is an extensive experience that considerably helped me in my career. Apart from professional knowledge, during the visits to Algeria and through work organization I got to know some cities, many Algerian colleagues, their customs and the lifestyle and manner of conducting business in Algeria.

What work experiences were the most significant ones for the development of your career?

Working on all big projects, especially in the capacity of principal designer, that is, project manager. When you are appointed as the manager of a project, the biggest part of responsibility for this project is on you and, in order to live up to the expectations, you have to be well acquainted with all the disciplines and efficiently cooperate with all project participants. Apart from that, such position requires intensive communication with the representatives of client, contractor, equipment suppliers, public utilities and many government institutions, as well as knowledge of legal regulations in the field of construction, water management, ecology and related fields.

Which colleague had the biggest influence on you in terms of professional and personal development?

There are definitely several colleagues that helped me a great deal throughout my professional development. Many of them with their views and understanding showed personal support. If I have to single out one colleague, it would be Radmilo Glisic, Principal Engineer of the Department of Hydropower, Water Management and Land Reclamation Systems. This man with his great knowledge, experience and energy

is available to all young engineers of our profession in solving all kinds of requirements they may face.

What, in your opinion, makes HIDROINZENJERING stand out in relation to other employers?

These days, it is very difficult to maintain the quality of a product at a high level and remain well positioned in the market competition where quality is not a decisive factor. EP HIDROINZENJERING is a company that, despite the market conditions, manages to retain the quality of its projects and the work principles that generations of engineers were trained on. Working in this company enables acquisition of the knowledge you cannot acquire at other places. Many projects that EP HIDROINZENJERING works on are grand and significant for the entire society and participation in such projects can bring particular satisfaction.

What are your professional goals in the subsequent period?

I am planning to continue to work and progress within EP HIDROINZENJERING. I would personally love for us to build together an even bigger company that would expand its influence abroad and this company definitely has the knowledge and human resources necessary to achieve such an undertaking.

What do you do in your free time, do you have any hobbies?

Apart from my demanding professional engagement, I try not to neglect the activities in my private life since I believe that these two factors have to be balanced and improve one another. Apart from active social life, physical recreation is what relaxes me and helps me stay fit. I very much enjoy travelling and being around close people.

What would you say to your younger colleagues?

To the colleagues who have just completed their studies and are looking for a job, I would say that ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINZENJERING is a company where you are not left to your own devices, but a place where you can always get advice and help in solving the problems you are facing from some of the senior colleagues. EP HIDROINZENJERING is a place where you can acquire extensive experience, professional knowledge and beautiful memories that working with the people of this company brings. General message to all young colleagues is to try to clearly define their goals and also that persistence and hard work always pay off.