Our mission is to implement and complete all contracted projects to the satisfaction of our employers, business partners and employees, while protecting interests of our shareholders and respecting the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, business ethics and corporate integrity.


All business activities of Energoprojekt are focused on sustainable development and growth of all business activities in the field of consulting, design, engineering and implementation of complex infrastructure, energy, transport, environmental, industrial and other projects, with the application of new technologies, the highest standards of energy efficiency, occupational safety and environmental protection and quality system, with continuous investments into the development and professional growth of employees of Energoprojekt. Energoprojekt should maintain its leading position in the country and a respectable position in foreign markets.

System of Values

Energoprojekt provides professional services in all areas of work and achieves high quality of products for its investors within the available budget and time;

Energoprojekt monitors and initiates changes and implements them, thus stimulating its competition in every aspect possible;

Energoprojekt monitors the development of new technologies, understands them and applies them to the satisfaction of its clients and its own satisfaction;

Sustainability of Energoprojekt’s business activities in all markets is an imperative for the achieved by competent management and motivated employees, and depends on the people, their professionalism and the quality of products delivered to clients;

Energoprojekt promotes teamwork and builds its own integrity by encouraging team members to build their own integrity;

Energoprojekt’s responsibility is based on its responsibility towards oneself, towards the company and towards others;

Energoprojekt has zero tolerance for the unethical behaviour of all participants in business operations;

Energoprojekt applies the highest standards of occupational safety and environmental protection, taking care of its employees and other participants in projects as well as of the community.

Energoprojekt strives to achieve results which comply with the interests of employers, shareholders and employees, to achieve agreed goals, to work well and to fulfill corporate plans;

The awards that Energoprojekt receives for its work are the property of the employees who enable them, whereas the awards given to Energoprojekt employees are the property of the employee concerned.