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Holding operations (founding, funding and managing of dependent companies), including corporative functions of business development, finances, coordination of procurement, marketing, planning and control, legal affairs, IT, internal auditing...

Within Energoprojekt Group, within the framework of its principal activities, four design companies operate (Hidroinženjering, Urbanizam i arhitektura, Entel and Industrija) and three contractors (Visokogradnja, Niskogradnja and Oprema).

Beside the companies which make the core business, other dependent companies operate within the Group: Energodata and Garant.


C. E. O.

Vladimir Milovanović
B.Sc. Mech.Eng





Energoprojekt Holding plc
Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 12
11070 Beograd

tel: (+381 11) 310 10 10
fax: (+381 11) 311 42 00
Water Management
Information technologies

Corporate movies

ep film2

„Building a better world“ (2 min)

ep film2

„Мы строим лучшие миры - 2015“


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64 Years of Exellence


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