The pleasure of working on big and complex projects of significance for the society, the possibility of professional advancement both technically and organizationally, work environment supportive and encouraging of knowledge, commitment, perseverance and persistence in implementation of the set tasks, as well as creativity and desire for improvement, are only some of the reasons viewed by the designers of various disciplines as specific and for them, decisive for working in ENERGOPROJEKT. There are also the possibility of meeting different cultures, multidisciplinary approach to work, good work environment and openness of the older colleagues to exchange of knowledge.

We spoke with three engineers working for ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINŽENJERING with significant experience in design and management of projects of hydropower plants, dams, water supply systems and other water management structures. Today we convey Tamara Šumar’s (Master of Science in Civil Engineering) experiences, thoughts and messages to her colleagues.

TAMARA SUMAR, Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Tamara began her career in July of 2005 in HIDROINZENJERING. She deals with design of structures within the systems of dams, hydropower plants and other engineering structures, as well as with project management and coordination of activities within the department she works at.

Tamara, how did your career begin?

I first arrived to HIDROINZENJERING as a student, to obligatory professional practice after the fourth year of studies. Extremely good cooperation with colleagues I had in the course of that one month was the decisive factor for me to start working here after graduation.

What project that you worked on would you single out as the most significant one?

Each of the projects I worked on was significant for me in a way, but I would single out Detailed Design of the Annex of Machine Building at HPP Zvornik and reconstruction of the generator. That was the first project I was the manager of and, at the same time, I was senior structural designer. At that time, I acquainted myself with other aspects of working on the projects that include much more than pure design.

What work experiences were the most significant ones for the development of your career?

In general, I could say it is the work on large multidisciplinary projects. Each of these projects had its specific technical challenges. Participation and contribution to solving these challenges brought me new knowledge and development of new skills.

Which colleague had the biggest influence on you in terms of professional and personal development?

Without a doubt, each of the colleagues I worked with influenced me in their own unique way, but if I would have to single out one person, it would definitely be Aleksandra Tosic. When it comes to the profession, Aleksandra always held on to the highest standards of work quality. She followed the professional development and training of younger colleagues that she had a chance to work with and would always invest maximum effort to train us all well. She would always be there for us if we needed help, advice or support.

What, in your opinion, makes HIDROINZENJERING stand out in relation to other employers?

HIDROINZENJERING is specific in that it offers to its employees the possibility to work on design of a wide range of engineering structures and in solving of different engineering problems. There are no two identical projects and something new can be experienced and learned on every new project. Even after more than 15 years of experience, working on such projects is still interesting and challenging. Apart from that, subjectively speaking, I believe we have a really nice collective made of people of positive spirit and great enthusiasm and I am most glad to be a part of it.

What are your professional goals in the subsequent period?

Above all, I strive to continue working on interesting and challenging projects with as has been the case so far experienced people who share the enthusiasm, as well as with younger colleagues who are only just discovering that enthusiasm.

What do you do in your free time, do you have any hobbies?

I try to spend as much as I can of my free time with my family and friends who definitely make life more diverse and complete.

What would you say to your younger colleagues?

I certainly think it best for the colleagues to feel free to share their thoughts, opinions and expectations related to work, profession, society, environment; when they are free to communicate the ides they have. Creativity is always welcome.