The pleasure of working on big and complex projects of significance for the society, the possibility of professional advancement both technically and organizationally, work environment supportive and encouraging of knowledge, commitment, perseverance and persistence in implementation of the set tasks, as well as creativity and desire for improvement, are only some of the reasons viewed by the designers of various disciplines as specific and for them, decisive for working in ENERGOPROJEKT. There are also the possibility of meeting different cultures, multidisciplinary approach to work, good work environment and openness of the older colleagues to exchange of knowledge.

We spoke with three engineers working for ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINŽENJERING with significant experience in design and management of projects of hydropower plants, dams, water supply systems and other water management structures. As a last in the row of interviews, today we convey experiences, thoughts and messages of our colleague Todora Lazić.

TODORA LAZIC, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Born and raised in Belgrade, on basketball and volleyball terrains and swimming pools of Kosutnjak. After graduation from 8th Belgrade grammar school and British School of English in Great Britain, she graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 2003. In 2005, she started working at HIDROINZENJERING on design of electrical equipment on hydropower plants, dams and ship locks.

This year, I am honored with the opportunity presented to me and the trust that the management of HIDROINZENJERING showed me appointing me the Head of Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

Todora, how did your career begin?

My career began in a British-Canadian company KES Engineering ltd., while I was still a student. The company worked on design, manufacture and installation of electrical and energy components of the diagnostics and monitoring system of partial discharge on the equipment of hydroelectric generators, electric motors and transformers. After several years of cooperation with the above company, I transferred to HIDROINZENENJERING with the aim of expanding my knowledge in the field of hydropower, where I have remained to this day.

What project that you worked on would you single out as the most significant one?

From the start at HIDROINZENJERING, I was engaged in serious team work on preparation of construction documentation and then on as-built drawings on reconstruction of electrical and mechanical equipment 6 (six) hydroelectric generators of one of the largest hydropower plants in Europe – HPP Djerdap 1 in cooperation with the colleagues from Russian company “Silovye mashini”, which was the General Contractor.

In parallel with Djerdap project, I participate in a team of colleagues from HIDROINZENJERING in preparation of tender documentation for reconstruction of many hydropower plants (HPP Zvornik, HPP Bajina Basta, HPP Perucica, HPP Piva) and of previous documentation for reconstruction of Vlasina HPPs, HPP Potpec, HPP Kokin Brod etc.

What work experiences were the most significant ones for the development of your career?

The most significant experience, at the position of principal designer is preparation of design development phase, construction documentation and as-built drawings for the reconstruction of ship lock at HPP Djerdap 1.

This summer, after completed reconstruction, ship lock at HPP Djerdap 1 was successfully commissioned, a month before the deadline, to the satisfaction of the Client (Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure), Contractor (consortium: DSD-Noell_GMBH, Feromont, Elektromontaza) and Project User (Public Utility “Elektroprivreda Srbije” (Electric Power Industry of Serbia).

I would also like to single out preparation of design development phase for obtainment of building permit for the reconstruction of ship lock of HPP Djerdap 2, as well as the current project of preparation of technical documentation for improvement of conditions for ship guiding within Tisa dam for the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Which colleague had the biggest influence on you in terms of professional and personal development?

I have been developing my professional path in cooperation with the persons I myself choose for support and encouragement. Those are primarily the esteemed colleagues of all disciplines from our company, as well as the colleagues from the teams of the client, contractor and institutes of electrical engineering in the home country and abroad, that I have developing business and friendly relationships with over the years. Of colleagues from design team, I would like to point out “my dear colleague and friend Dr. Watson”, my husband, Nenad Lazic, with whom I have been successfully building career of a well-known team.

I am thankful to Bogdan Uzelac, former Director of Project Implementation and Monitoring of EP HIDROINZENJERING on his selfless support and the knowledge he passed on.

What, in your opinion, makes HIDROINZENJERING stand out in relation to other employers?

In Grunf’s words, “we saw the future and learned how it does not work”, there is nothing else to do but to find a way to grow even stronger, build ourselves up and become unparalleled by developing all our powers and potentials. EP HIDROINZENJERING is, first of all, a democratic joint stock company where each individual fully understands they are a pillar of the company. Through personal ambitions, from tea lady to director, all together, as a team, we have been diligently working for years on realisation of professional goals with subtlety, directness and optimistic attitude, we create and walk on the roads to success.

What are your professional goals in the subsequent period?

First of all, I wish to explain that the type of design we do at HIDROINZENJERING is an extremely specific discipline and that ours is a shortage profession highly sought-after on global and domestic market. Following the global trends, our experienced engineers are increasingly oriented towards new accomplishments. Considering the success I achieved at the international conference on power machines IRIS – Power Machines Conference in Los Angeles in 2018 by presenting a paper titled: Rehabilitation and modernization of HPP Djerdap 1, thus introducing ENERGOPROJEKT HIDROINZENJERING as a renowned Serbian company in the field of hydropower, I wish for the experience of such a success to repeat itself, not only for me, but also for other colleagues from my team participating in highly demanding, strategic projects.

What do you do in your free time, do you have any hobbies?

Whenever I have a chance, I drive bicycle with my old crew, my husband and children, we are very sports-oriented, we walk a lot and look forward to winter and summer breaks which we spend with friends.

Finally, what would you say to your younger colleagues?

Order, work and discipline are the basis of progress and the key to professional success, with famous quote of the Number One from Alan Ford comic: “If you want to win you must not lose!”