ENERGOPROJEKT fully supports all measures adopted by the government of the Republic of Serbia and other countries to combat the spread of the virus in the territories and within communities where it implements its projects.



Energoprojekt adheres to all decisions, recommendations and measures of public health care institutions and state authorities both in the Republic of Serbia and in the countries in which it runs its business operations. Health and safety of the people that we have an impact on is the focus of our attention when making decisions and adopting recommendations during this challenging period.

Energoprojekt has adopted Recommendations for preventive conduct and actions within the system Energoprojekt, in order to reduce negative effects to the health of employees and limit the spread of COVID-19 virus and has notified all employees and other stakeholders thereof.



Based on continuous monitoring of the current situation in the country and the world, the management of Energoprojekt Holding and all subsidiaries within the Energoprojekt System made the decision to continue their business activities to the extent which ensures safe and secure work for employees, partners, and associates and enables the completion of necessary business processes.

Employees who are able to work remotely, from home, have the right and obligation to do so. We encourage and support using available information and communication technologies and tools to enable communication between employees, with clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Depending on the specific requirements and measures taken in the countries where we operate in, our construction sites shall remain open or closed. In Serbia, construction sites shall continue to operate, provided that they can be ensure adequate conditions for safe and healthy work. Where required social distancing cannot be ensured, all operations shall be suspended. Accordingly, at the moment, in some countries in the world, our construction sites are closed and shall remain closed until the conditions for their reactivation are created.



We appreciate efforts of all employees under these extraordinary circumstances. We are grateful for their responsibility in the accomplishment of their business assignments. We appreciate our colleagues who work from home, and especially all those who are still in the forefront – colleagues who do the work necessary in the administrative building, other offices and active construction sites both in the country and in the world.

We are convinced that we will overcome this great challenge together, as we have succeeded to overcome many other challenges in the past standing by each other and working together.